Special Events

Every day is special at Amma's Place!  But some days are even extra special.  Our commitment to each parent is to fully partner with you to ensure your child has optimum opportunity to fully develop physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially while in our care during their formative years.  Much of this can be accomplished in the day-to-day activities, but extra special events enhance that opportunity even more so.

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Costume Party and Christmas Celebration


Two of the children's favourite times of the year is when we hold our Costume Party in October and the Christmas Celebration event just before Christmas week.  The Costume Party has everyone dressing up, even the parents.  What fun! The day is packed with fun activities for all to enjoy, and of course, LOTS of treats to eat.

The Christmas Celebration is a time for the children to perform for their parents, singing songs practiced over the last month, doing a gift exchange, presenting parents with their handmade gift to them and eating yummy treats they helped make.

Parent-at-Play Day

Just as older children get to visit their parents' workplace on annual kid-at-work days, so are parents invited to join their child annually for a day at Amma's Place during Parent-at-Play week. Plenty of notice is given to parents so they may schedule their own work day, and choose the day that works best for them during that week. When was the last time you took time off work to just play, really play?  Come make memories for you and your child at Amma's Place.  

Field Trip Days

A couple of field trip days per year make for a great change of scenery and fun time together away from Amma's Place.  Parents are most welcome to participate in such trips. Plenty of notice will be given so parents can respond, prepare for and notify their employer of that time off for those who choose to join us.  Such outings are at added cost to the parents, if an activity fee is required. Such outings may be a fun picnic day at the park, a trip to maple syrup bush in the spring, or other outings suggested by the parents. 

Weekly Themes

Educational play is always part of Amma's Place.  Whether the children are playing, snacking, having circle time or playing outdoors, there are plenty of "teaching moments" to instill education that is age appropriate.  In line with this philosophy is our weekly theme which is always posted on the Parent Info Board, implemented in activities, taught at Circle Time and included in our  conversations. Parents are notified of the themes so they may also enjoy such "teaching moments" at home related to what their child is learning at childcare.